HSC Sales and Management

Sales Owning your own sailing yacht is not as expensive as you might think. With Hellenic Sailing Cruises you can easily fulfill your dream of owning your own yacht at limited expense and with significant benefits. Hellenic Sailing Cruises S.A. offers a large selection of new and second hand sailing yachts and catamarans. For the purchase of new boats our company can provide various financing programs which make your investment easy, advantageous and smart. Your yacht pays for itself through chartering, while at the same time you can enjoy it for your own holidays. See next an example of a financing program.
Deposit 40% of the purchase price Financing 60% Program Duration 6 years Chartering period 20 weeks Owner’s use 4 weeks

We can also offer a selection of excellent second hand yachts,very well maintained and in top condition at very competitive prices.

Management We offer a large selection of new and second hand sailing yachts and catamarans and we provide a full yacht management service which includes:

For those clients who wish to manage their yachts themselves,we are always there to offer our support and know-how

– Chartering management (bookings, check-in/out, cleaning etc.)
– Maintenance
– Marina fees
– Liaising with port authorities etc.

A few technical specifications

The day cruise market

We offer a range of large catamarans aimed at the day cruise market. Hotel owners, tour operators and tourism professionals in general are investing in these types of yachts in order to enrich the holiday experience they provide their clients. A day cruise on a large sailing catamaran offers:

  • A “sailing” experience and can include basic sailing instruction that everyone can participate in.
  • An alternative, more sporty, exciting and adventurous type of tourism
  • Access to secluded islands, beaches, archaeological sites etc
  • Can be used for parties and corporate events

The most popular yachts for this type of activity are 45-100 foot catamarans.

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